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I don't want to state the obvious, but we are only a month away from December, holiday time and the celebration of Christmas. Looking back over the last ten months I stand rather perplexed at trying to recollect how so little (or much) time was spent on doing so many (little) things. But I suppose it all goes back to perspective and the way we view life. Usually by October the pace of life for many becomes a little more burdensome and many opt 'out of life'. Statistically speaking, October is the month in which the highest percentages of suicides are recorded in South Africa. If you are reading this it means you have survived that attack and are still alive, kicking and going on with life. Perhaps you too are tired and looking forward in eager anticipation to the holiday in a month-or-so's time!

Let me briefly get back to the perspective of time. When we consider our occupation of the space-time continuum in light of God's uncreated eternal-ness, then the time we have from birth to death is like a speck of dust in a sandstorm. Literally, it counts for nothing and means little. However, when we consider our time on earth, from birth to death, then it becomes crucially important what we do with it. In relation to eternity it seems but little, yet in relation to the consequences of our own eternity it is huge! We are given guidelines from the Word that we need to 'buy out the time,' that our life is seasonal, that we need to 'count every word spoken,' and many others.

Really, when we look at time in context of the whole creation (and us in it), we see that time is not only invented by God, but that it also belongs to Him - the time we have is graciously given to us by a loving Father. When we meet Him on the day we pass from time to eternity the last thing He'll ask about will be our positions, wealth or wisdom left behind. Rather, He will ask what we did with His time, loaned to us.

With this perspective one tends to approach every day a little differently not merely as a day to get out of the way, but really a day to embrace fully, giving everything we possibly have to give. May God always be there to change our perspective as we continue to experience our life in the circle of His awesomeness.