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Well, one month away from official Springtime, and we are shrugging off the last vestiges of winter. Days are getting longer, nights are getting shorter, and our anticipation at taking a nice break is steadily building up. I find it encouraging that no matter where I am, on what day or in which season, God is faithfully by my side. With great confidence I can echo David's exclamation that with God on my side I can scale any wall. In David's context, walls were super-important, since they were the first line of defence for any city. A city with secure walls was a safe city. Also, a prosperous city! Interestingly, when God took the Israelites into the Promised Land, the first thing that happened was that God made the walls of Jericho fall! It was as if the removal of these walls were a sign and stamp of approval on the Israelite's promise from God. So yes, when David declares that he can scale any wall, not in his own strength, but with God on his side, then I agree. Every day and season brings with it challenges unique to that time. At times these may seem overwhelming and may even cause us to temporarily stumble, but they can be overcome. No person has a life devoid of challenges, so best we "gird up our loins", take courage and face these when they appear. Our great comfort is that we don't need to face these on our own, but with just a small bit of faith, we can rely on God to get past any wall.