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From the Editor

Looking at the global issues facing us today, from political to socio-economic issues, and from environmental concerns to human relationships, we can see that Earth is in crisis. It seems to me that the greatest need we face these days can be narrowed down to one word: peace. We are in need of political peace, peace in our homes, in our schools and in our societies. Each TV channel is concerned with the pursuit of peace in one way or another, from mere commentaries to those individuals trying to make a difference at grass roots. We have a choice whether or not we want to be a newsroom anchor or talk show host, or whether we want to get out and get our hands dirty to make a difference. No matter what we choose, we have the power to affect change and influence those around us.

The magnitude of the global "mess" (if you'd allow me to call it that) assaults us each time we read a newspaper or watch a television news broadcast; at any given moment there are at least 10 or more wars or conflicts on every continent claiming the lives of thousands of people. We hear about divorce and suicide, addictions of all kinds and people being affected by theft, hijacking, kidnappings and murders. Children are no longer safe to play on the streets in front of their homes and the innocent and weak become targets for muggings and sexual abuse. The question we all ask (and it is a valid one at that) is, "Where do we start to make a change?" Not only 'where?' but also 'how?'

I would suggest that the genesis of change could be summed up in the word educate. Our responsibility is to educate our children so well that they are able to educate their own children; positive education is the key. Sometimes it seems that we educate our children in ways detrimental to their potential when we allow ourselves to teach them that to settle for second-best is alright. They are taught by society at large (and the media) to settle for single-parent homes, divorce, adultery, stress, abuse, and the list goes on. Society tells them that status is king and possessions will measure success a bigger house, fancier car, name brands for clothing and accessories and so on.

Perhaps it is time we take stock of the values we believe in, and not in a hypocritical sense! We need to be honest about whom we are, where we are, what we want and ultimately where we want to end up. We need to be careful how we live since the education of our children starts at home when they watch us. Ultimately I think we all want "peace" in the full sense of the word: nothing missing or broken.

I leave you with a couple of lines from the song "If We Only Have Love" by Jacques Brel:
If we only have love / We can melt all the guns / And then give the new world / To our daughters and sons...