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Time is a strange, constant and relentless thing. I thought of calling it a 'machine' or a 'monster', but then decided that time is actually not a negative concept, or something to be feared. So I settled for 'thing'. Depending on how we approach time, and how we deal with it, will determine whether, indeed, it is a friend or foe in our lives.

We learn from God that all of us have been appointed a span of time; somewhat like the master in the story told by Jesus who gave his servants talents. If we have been given just a certain amount of time, we should take careful stock how we invest it, so that ultimately, we may have a good return on investment.

We are standing at February, meaning that the holidays are over, and for some of us, many of those noble New Year's resolutions made a month ago are already forgotten. We are back 'in the swing of things' busy with our lives. I read some of Solomon's observations yesterday, where he said that the unintentional and lazy person will always have lack, but that intentional, focused and diligent persons will make rich. I realized that Solomon wasn't only refereeing to the fact that if we work hard we will make a lot of money, but rather that if we are intentional in the way we live, we will be rich in spirit and character.

The challenge all of us face is how we are living today, and also how we will choose to live tomorrow. What is it that we will occupy our limited time with? And, of course, when our time eventually runs out, have we made a valuable investment that gave us a return beyond expectation?

My prayer for you, as it is for myself, is that we may find the grace to 'buy out our time', and that we will invest so wisely according to God's methods that we will be astounded at the return. Let us choose, therefore, to invest in those things that have eternal consequences, and not waste, or throw away time on things that ultimately matter nothing at all.

I trust that you like the new look of MyFaith Magazine, and I trust that you will continue to enjoy and be encouraged by all that you read in it.