Wednesday, 24 April 2019
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The Holy Spirit: The Only Guide

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, [that] shall he speak: and he will show you things to come. (John 16:13)

We are sealed with the Holy Spirit after we have received our salvation, and then the Holy Spirit comes and dwells in us. Our new rebirth requires that we be renewed on an on-going basis, that we keep communion with Christ by obeying what the Holy Spirit will reveal to us. The same like in the call of Ukuthwasa, when a trainee has completed his course, they are washed from a river symbolising their new state of being, likewise with the Call of God, when we accept baptism of water in Christ, it symbolises our rebirth in God.

Revelation speaks about seven spirits that are not from God that are at work right here in this world. These other spirits are from Satan and he has given them power to blaspheme the name of God and to lead people astray.

Our people have fallen prey to spirits that are also calling and desire our worship. The fact is that there are many spirits out there that seduces us into believing that they are from God, logically, this is pure deceitfulness! Why? A simple but tricky answer. Who ordained all these other spirits? Who gave them power to ruler? Is it God? No! Definitely not! The answer to our long awaited question. God has ordained only one spirit, that is true and that is holy and that it is His Spirit which was in Christ Jesus. Revelation speaks more clearly about these spiritual beings and also in the Old Testament in the book of 1 and 2 Kings and Chronicles and also in many other books of the Bible. When we read through many chapters of the Scriptures we see that we really need to be vigilant because worship of other spiritual beings cut us from God, His Blessings and His protection [read how King Solomon lost his blessings when he started to build altars for Baal the god of his Egyptian wife. Also how King Ahab contacted spirits to search for a prophesy]. Once we listen or consult with other spirits other than the Spirit of God, then it means that we do not regard God.

Revelation speaks about seven spirits that are not from God that are at work right here in this world. These other spirits are from Satan and he has given them power to blaspheme the name of God and to lead people astray. These spirits might look to us like they are more powerful but in reality they aren't because Jesus Christ defeated all spiritual wickedness and have put us high above all these spiritual beings. These spirits goes back to the lifestyle of the Israelites when they started to worship other gods instead than the true God of Israel. When the kings, priest and prophets of Israel started to wander from their Lord God, they observed practices of foreign gods and their idols. The Book of Revelation has combined these spiritual fornications in 7 forms which is called "7 forbidden spirits".

We identify these spirits from the letters of John to the seven churches and also the creatures and signs that he saw when he was taken to heaven. We also see from this revelation of John that the Word of God names things according to their dominant or relative characteristics, in that way it is easy for us to identify the spiritual perverseness. There are many consequences of these kinds of spirits in the call of Ukuthwasa, the one spirit I was told about as I searched around was the spirit of Mamolapo, a river god that is believed to live under water and has the power to make people wise and rich. This river god is the most popular god in many Ithwasa initiations. Many sangoma and inyanga offers this river god coins to please her or him. The other spirit that is believed to be at work in the call of Ukuthwasa is the spirit of Noga (Serpent), a spirit that reveals itself as a serpent, it is in the same form of a real snake only it's a spirit, this python spirit is believed to give a sangoma or inyanga the power to be able to see beyond the natural realm, the Ithwasa who possess this spirit has the power to prophesy. The sangoma or inyanga will offer animal sacrifices to it.

These spirits want to be exalted above the knowledge of God. Their focus is to separate man and God, by shifting the focus of worship to them. Remember the Law of Moses that said, I am your God who took you out of Egypt, you must not worship any graven images that are on the face of this earth or undersea or underground. He was warning people about these spirits. We can discern the grounds of a spirit - we see it in the Book of Revelation, where it speaks of the seven spirits that are in operation in this world.