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Give Yourself to the Word

According to scripture there is a battle that is being waged over the well being of your life. The Word of God says that the devil, your enemy, has come to kill, steal and destroy everything concerning you. The good news is, Colossians 2:15, says that because of the finished work of the cross, "[God] disarmed the principalities and powers..." and has taken away their power to harm us. That means the only legal way our enemy, the devil, can harm you or me, is by causing us to open the door of our lives to give him free access to do so.

How do we give him the power to harm us? We give the enemy free reign through the way we think! When it comes to the battles and conflicts we face in this life, the human mind plays the role of the strategic control centre of every battle. Romans 6:16 says that whoever we give our minds to, will become our master. Our minds are the battle fields where the very heart beat of the war that wages on over the well being of our lives takes place. The devil's strategy is to bombard our minds with worrisome, fretful thoughts. As he manipulates circumstances around us, it becomes easy to pay attention to those negative thoughts, which in turn, causes us to feel anxious and fearful. Before we realise what has happened, fear has crept into our minds and is able to begin its destructive work, from the inside out.

No matter who we are, where we live or what our earthly circumstances are, if we are in this world, we are going to rub shoulders with incidents that have the potential to make us fearful. Fear is a destructive spiritual force that has the power to paralyse our ability to reason, send our emotions into turmoil and neutralise our faith - causing it to become inoperable. As believers who are promised a life of abundant peace, joy, provision and protection - how is it possible for us to live free from fear when the potential to be touched by it is all around us?

Well, it's really quite simple. If the devil has brought the battle to our minds, then it's up to us to take control of the battlefield and enforce his defeat! Romans 12:2 urges and instructs us to make sure we are constantly renewing our minds to the truth of God's Word. It's the only way we are going to flush out those dreaded, fearful thoughts that hold our minds and bodies captive. It's also the only way we are going to be infused with God's supernatural inner strength to overcome. As we spend more time meditating on the Word of God and in prayer that is influenced by the truth we find in it, our trust in God grows stronger than the fear that's trying to overcome us. And when we are more convinced of what God's Word says concerning us, than what those fearful thoughts are saying, our freedom and victory comes.